the mystical creation

One day Jestar  was walking through the desert  looking for a  ancient temple to find a blacksmith called Xero  so he could make a heart locket prison. Then he could trap anyone who tried  to stop him from taking over the realm.

After a hour of searching and getting prickled  by green, prickly cacti, he found a small  rock shaped like a cog.  Jestar brushed away all of  the sand  and it  revealed the  temple where Xero lived!  When Jestar went  into the temple, he  heard  someone playing the violin.  2 months later he got the heart locket and his first soul and made a clone called Medusa  who could summon anything out of lightning.



Area 51

I never should of said  yes to raiding Area 51.  It is an army base  in  the Nevada desert.  Everybody was chanting we are one million people what you gonna do, what you gonna do,  when we come for you.                                           But then the air force came in an attack helicopter and said this is air force leave the area immediattely or there will be trouble.  Then it dropped a bomb on the nukes.  They had 30 minutes left until the nukes exploded. So they stole  stellth bombers, but then they got shot down into the nuke field. Then the nukes exploded.  Bang they all had 3 eyes, 3 arms and 4 legs.

The Black Coat

One beautiful night someone was doing something weird. He was in a dark creepy alley with someone else. He looked weird and had a black coat and a suitcase full of money. He looked like he was a trader. The other guy had some weird gem – it was a circle and it was red and then they started talking.  The Guy with the coat said here’s the cash in a creepy voice and then the other one said here’s the gem thing.  Why do you want it anyway then the other Guy said well you’ll see creeply. Then well let’s just say THEY NEVER SHOULD OF SAID YES.  So then the Guy with the coat went in his house and then went to his couch and pressed a big red button and then the couch dropped him into his secret lair where there was a big monster statue with a circle hole in the middle the exact same size as the gem.  Then he put the gem in the hole and the monster came to life and started destroying the city with the guy with the black coat riding him.

Don’t Sign That

One day I wanted to play on this big playground I had heard about, but I had to sign this contract.  So I said yes and signed it and so I walked in. It was tiny, old and there was rubbish everywhere. There was nothing to play on. oh I should of never said yes.  The swings were broken, the slide had a big hole in it.  It was muddy and it was very dangerous.  No one would want to play there unless they wanted to be dead and muddy.  Why did we agree to come here!  No wonder it was so cheap.  50p that’s how cheap it was. The pics I saw before were wonderful as well…

they never should of said yes

Hi I’m Ella I live in Dreamland . Yes you heard it right Dreamland you might be confused but you will understand after this story. Once upon a time a little girl called Ella was born in a place called Dreamland.  She also had a sister – a spoiled sister.  Her mum did not like her, but her dad did . Let’s fast forward  a little bit Ella’s sis is 13 and Ella is 12.  A big battle was happening between Goofland and Dreamland.  Goofland won and the Dreamland had had to give up and Dreamland they never should have said yes.  Now I live on earth.  It’s a really nice place to live at.