The Escaped Gorilla

It was a tempestuous day and in the zoo all of the animals were asleep except George the gorilla. George was the unruliest gorilla out all the 5. Their names were Grayson ,Graham,Georgina and Grace and of course our main character George. He was up eating a banana, so he would have enough energy for the journey ahead. You see George was planning an escape that would be carried out that night.


This was it he had jumped  over the big black heavy and damaged gates and got past the idiotic guards. He had finally escaped that wretched zoo. Now his life was about to start.

Shop Escape

Once there was a prison called “Shop” where objects were kidnapped. Monty was a banana who escaped this dungeon and save the food. First he climbed through his fellow bananas out of the wooden tub. He was determined as he passed the black brothers. Monty hopped out and dashed through the isles. He slid under the heavy coffee box that almost damaged his skin then sneaked through the towering counters. Finally the banana ran as fast as his little legs could through the door.  He was free until a boot flew down. Luckily, he was still alive but WHAM! the torso slammed on it.

The surprising banana trip

Once there was a little boy called Timmy and he was having a banana for breakfast which was weird because today he was going on a trip with his parents to the zoo.  His parents’ names where Bob and Jacqueline. They had a lot of money and because of this, they were not  going to a petting zoo, it was a  GIANT ANIMAL ZOO! They were going in their  favourite car –  they got dressed in  their favourite clothes.  They finally got there when suddenly in front of them a gorilla jumped.  It was as black as coal, as heavy as an elephant and it damaged the floor then this happened…

The Outrageous Gorilla

In the forest there was a strong and heavy, black gorilla that looked like King Kong.  One day he got into a fight with the strongest gorilla but the strongest gorilla beat up the other gorilla.  One day later…The strong and heavy, black gorilla were training by punching trees. A few days later, he destroyed a tree and damaged it. So he had proven himself that he could beat the strongest gorilla.  When he fought the strongest gorilla he was victorious!


”Where should we go today?” asked Tony. ”I don’t know.” said David. ”I know we can go to the cliff tops and have a picnic there,” exclaimed Pam. ”Great idea.” said Linda.
So they drove up to the cliff tops and brought their picnic. Tony and David brought their cameras along too and they’re lucky they did, for there was a great view. Whilst the girls were chatting and setting up the picnic, Tony was standing at the edge of the cliff and David was on the other side of the cliff, Tony slipped on some mud and the girls ran to catch him. Luckily he caught a strong branch.  The girls shouted, ”HOLD ON!”.

”I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted…