Glitch Girl

Once upon a night, there was a glitch girl who kills people in the dark. The deafening screams echoed through the cold night as she killed them one by one. Her name was Charlie. She died on the 13th of October because her parents saw her hanging out with another girl and they said stay away from us but she didn’t, so they shot her in the heart. So she wanted revenge on all human kind. But one day she killed someone, she didn’t know she did, so she was sent to a dirty prison and was never seen again!

The guilty conscience

One afternoon, two siblings named Jess and Jay needed some milk from the shops. He saw a video game that was £10.00. Jay went into his pocket and found out that he didn’t have his wallet so he couldn’t pay for it.”Jess I don’t have my wallet on me can u get me this video game for £10.00?” he said.
“NO get your own money!”she replied.
“Oh come on please!”he shouted.
“How many more times do I have to say NO!”she said.
So he said, “But should I really do this?”
“Do whatever I don’t care,”she said sarcastically.  So he slipped it into his jacket. But then he felt guilty.

The night sky

Once there was a boy called Dan, he wanted to go on an adventure with his friends. Their names were Jamie and Sam, they were planning to escape at night. “Why are we sneaking out?” asked Tom.“I think there is treasure!” answered Dan. “Come on guys, oh my I think I found something!” Dan’s friends slowly approached with him, his friends were telling him it is a trap but he didn’t listen. Suddenly a cage surrounded them. Tom bellowed, “I knew this wasn’t a good idea!” Something opened the cage and dragged us all into the darkness and we disappeared into the night. 

The hole in the forest mushroom

Before 8’O clock, Lucas woke up in  his car. His parents and his sister staring straight at him in the eyes.                                                                                                          “Where are we going?”he asked.                                                                                                “Fairy land!” exclaimed his younger sister.                                                                      “No no no dear we are going to The  Forest Mushroom.                                            They drove and drove. They arrived at The  Forest Mushroom.  When they got out their car, Lucas and Ava ran around the mushroom until they came up to a hole in it. They ran in.                                                                                                   “Wow”, they both said.                                                                                                              They then fell far far down…                                                                                        “AHH” They screamed.

They disappeared into the night, but in a new world



























































Ghost Boy

One night, three boys went out to the woods at nine pm. They had sneaked outside and met in the woods for a camp fire but the oldest kid said, ‘’ I really like marshmallows, young one I dare you to eat a leaf!’’ The young one thought, but should I really do this? So he said, ‘’ NO!!!’’ the rest of the kids said, ‘’what!’’ so he was chucked out the group. Then a few hours later the gang thought they saw a ghost and it was! That boy who got chucked out got killed on the way home…