The life

I remember waking up to the sound of crying, fighting and anything you can imagine.  I was exhausted, but I got out of bed and got my breakfast.  My mum was cleaning, my dad was sorting out babas and the rest well screaming.  I had the worst headake, so I layed down and I rested my head. I  had to go to sleep to end this nightmare. I woke up to the sound of a movie, a new one it was deadpool.  Gradually things stated to move.  No head ache, no crying at last.  Well I’m dreaming I thought because it was always noisy in my house.  I just watched deadpool, but I couldnt so I went outside to play football.

the reign of jestar

Once on a planet 1,000000000000 light years away from earth  there was a  planet where  magical beasts roamed the land.   There was lots of different animals like Grrythins  and dragons and many different species. But one day something came and destroyed there cities and they stole mythical animals resources.  There leader was called Jestar and there goal was to take over the universe.  5 years later  the  magic  animals planned  to go to space  for a few minutes the spaceship  was still gradually, things started to move and then they  fired  the  mega orb that would give someone the power to shapeshifting…


The massive traffic jam!!!!

I remember waking up getting out of bed and getting my breakfast. After dinner I had to go to my nanas.  When we were going 2 mile traffic jam appeared. So we put some music on.  However the signal was terrible I was so annoyed 🙁
Gradually things started to move.  We had signal when we were driving. I thought wow after 2 hours of waiting we were going.  Then I saw my nana luckily she had made her famous chicken and white sauce.


the trip

It was busy on the road.  There was a lot of traffic but gardually things started to move.  We went on a giant boat and it was fantastic  and I loved it! I had a hot chocelate  it was good and i was slipping everywhere.  10 minutes later we arrived at Paris we stayed at a villa for 2 days and stayed at disney for 5 days and 4 nights. I loved it and I went on tower of terror.  My legs were shaking loads, but I still loved it sooooo much and I went to the stunt show which was amaizing.  There even mickey mouse, but he didn’t see us which was sad, but I still enjoyed it.

things are starting to change in covid

Its scary time during carona but well all make it if we protect ourselves  but things gradually started to move.  Corona wasn’t as dangourus  and u could go to shops and u weren’t   stuck at home (T-T). But at some places in the UK, people were going back to school. Some people were happy some people were not and they didnt wanna go back (me at first). I did not want go to school, but I did miss my freind’s -_-”. I’m in year 4 now I understand that I have to go to school now.   Make sure to wash your hands keep safe. 🙂