Fall Guys

I was waiting for fall guys to have an update but it was taking forever to finish. The next day it was still loading the update. I went out and I saw that other people were annoyed because of the long update and I couldn’t blame them. I went back to my dad’s ps4 and then gradually things started to move, the update would finish in 1 day. I was so exited to play my game, fall guys. The next day I went on fall guys and it was working. I was so exited then Betsy curled up next to me <3

How lockdown was for me

On the 1st day of lock down I came down my nana’s stairs and I said what are we doing today.  My nana said I don’t know.  My grandad was asleep.  I was bored.  My nana was on her phone.  On the last day of lockdown I went to Blackpool.  First I went on some rides then I said please can we go on the beach so my nana and my auntie said ok.  I went in the sea with my 2 little cousins and my sister.  Amila my little cousin who is 1 she did not go in to the sea.  Only her feet went in.

So that was my lock down if you saw this bye.

my lockdown

I woke up and thought to myself “okay time to try this home schooling thing”.  It wasn’t that bad but it got harder and things just kept getting even worse until things started to open up again. Then the parks opened up, I was so excited when we could be more social with others.  Soon the zoo opened. We went there I was so exited we saw a giraffe and I got to eat tasty donuts, they were so tasty.  We went home with a red panda and a pink monkey. :3

covid 19

Its a scary time during covid 19. People are dying  but no matter what  wash your hands to keep your self safe. When I started lock down I was happy cos I was out of school hehe -_-”but then I started to miss my freinds. I only had one friend on roblox. So I missed a lot of them in September. When some schools were oping up again. I was so exited to see my new teacher and of course my Friends oh and my new class room.  Remember to wash your hands. Keep safe 🙂

Carnival fun

Two weeks before Christmas there was a carnival in a church.

There was a lot of fun games like knock the cups down,  fishing for the sweets and many more, There was one that really stood out to me the most, it was called whats in the box. Everyone was over there so that where I went. I slowly put my hand in, but it was so soft, I had no idea what is was?

It was round and super soft. It was alive. The thing bit me once or twice.

When I looked in the box I saw a hamster…            Awww cute!