Peaceful bear in the forest

It was on Friday night, the sun had just gone down and Kiara had set off in her dad’s car to find a cave hidden deep down in a pitch-black forest. With only a flashlight to help her through the darkness, she followed a little trail she had set for herself leading to the destination she was looking for.  As soon as she got there she made a little campfire in a den she made last time she visited.  It was as soon as she got all settled and relaxed that she heard a deafening roar! It was from a bear that Kiara had seen earlier by her house! It came up close to the teenage girl but didn’t hurt her…  She stroked the grizzly bear but it was so soft that she couldn’t stop stroking it…….

One thought on “Peaceful bear in the forest”

  1. Well I was not expecting a bear, Chloe! Excellent use of surprise on your story. You describe the journey to the cave, with lots of good description. I particularly like ‘pitch-black forest’ and ‘with only a flashlight to help her through the darkness’. What a nice ending. All the fear disappears. We can easily imagine how nice it would be to stoke a grizzly bear (although we know really they are very dangerous to humans!)

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