Photo With a Bee

One day these men called David and Liam found this dead bee and they had a boring day but they brought their camera and then they stared at each other and thought why don’t we find a spot and take pictures with the bee and David, the one  holding the camera said, ‘OK! Why don’t we, we’ve had a rubbish day anyway so let’s find some grass with the sun shining.  You take the picture and I’ll pretend that I’m flying on it.’ 

Then the other man said, ‘um no.’

‘Why not?’ said Liam.

‘because… ugh fine. I guess so its dead anyway get on it.’

Liam said ‘YES!!!!!’

‘Yay let me see it?’

‘WOAH THAT’S SO COOL!!!’ said Liam. 

One thought on “Photo With a Bee”

  1. Hello Bella,

    David and Liam like photography? I know how they feel as it’s a big hobby of mine when I photograph animals in my local national parks. Trick photography, making things look different to what they really are, is also fun. My only wish would have been if David and Liam could have shared their photo. Well done.

    There might have been some places where you could have started new sentences but that’s a skill we develop as we write. Keep writing and sharing your interesting ideas.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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