Sam’s Bike

Early one morning the sun was shining down on a sleepy village in the middle of nowhere. Sam was up and ready for his first day on his paper round. Sam was super excited as he was given a brand new bike to deliver the papers to the village folk. Sam set of on his shining bike with the papers in his rucksack over his shoulder.Gosh they were heavy thought Sam. All was going fantastically well he was waving to everyone on his journey,he even got a biscuit from his friendly neighbour. Sam came to a creaky bridge which he had to cross when all of a sudden the bike like it had a mind of its own turned and sent him tumbling down the banking of the river. Luckily Sam was fine he was in a bit of shock because he was excellent at riding bikes why had that just happened. The bike was scratched and the handlebar was wonky. Oh no thought Sam he was worried he would get into trouble so he tied the bike to a tree near by the woods and left it there. He ran as fast as he could home and never delivered the rest of the newspapers.