sandwich invasion part 1

ONCE THERE WAS A INVASION OF LIVING SANDWICHES !!!  Everyone tried to  defeat them but they were too powerful. “Huh ,I don’t think this is the  castle,” said the dragon. Then all of a sudden a ball of tuna and cheese came flying at them. “WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed the dragon. Then they saw a tuna and cheese sandwich dragon. “HEY that’s my sandwich!” I shouted

” GET TO THE TRAIN! ” they shouted. When they had got on the train another cheese ball hit the train

“HOLD ON” said the dragon. TO BE CONTINUED!!! :3

One thought on “sandwich invasion part 1”

  1. Well, that’s the first time I have heard of a tuna and cheese dragon. What a creative idea! I think this story provides you with a great opportunity to keep writing about it. You could provide more description (how they were created, where did they live etc) and have lots of different sandwich type dragons each with different type skills… what do you think? I would be really interested so I’m sure lots of other readers would be too. Well done.

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