Scary Days

One sunny day there was a girl called Ella.  She had a good life until she was three but then her mum and dad broke up. She was born in England but now she lives in South Africa with her step dad.The next morning, Ella was watching the news and there was a vast storm coming! A few hours later, the storm stopped and  she went for a walk.  When she was walking to the cafe, there were so many plastic bottles.  There were like twenty!  I raced back home to tell mum.  Mum told me about climate change.  I used to think, ‘does it make any difference to me’. I now know it affected us all…  I was horrified! A couple of days later it stopped – yay! Me and my mum were so happy but my friend was not happy.  She hates happiness, but I don’t care.  But we had a party yay and 1 minute later I was famous. 


2 thoughts on “Scary Days”

  1. Many thanks for sharing. Lovely to read that parents share with their children what the impact is of climate change. It is good to be hopeful, and it will be fantastic if it can stop, and I am sure it will if we each do our bit. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Wow. There was a lot going on in your story. I was a little confused because it started out being told about someone called Ella (third person) and then the story was being told as if it was about the person who was telling the story (first person)… or was Ella the friend?

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