Skeppy The Talking Elephant

One day there was an elephant called Skeppy and he could talk! He loved being able to talk, but tomorrow he had to give a speech to help with a virus that was going around. So he wrote down a bit of stuff he was going to say… and it was the next day then the elephant delivered his speech at the podium, “I think we should stay home and stay at least 2 meters away from each other, you can exercise like go on runs and, stay home… stay safe. thank you.” and he was very happy…

One thought on “Skeppy The Talking Elephant”

  1. Dear LR High 5,

    I really enjoyed your story!

    You included all of the information at the start which I really liked so I know all of the events and such.
    I enjoyed how you included events that are very important right now so it is relatable which I can understand that we need to stay 2 meters away and social distance from others.
    You had a happy ending which is very good!
    Have you ever seen a talking elephant?

    Loved your story!

    Kind regards,


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