It was a rainy night in Snaxburg. Gramble Gigglefunny was sleep walking all over town when an orange peelbug was still awake. It woke up a bunger (a bunger is a dog made out of an alive burger that walks on curly fries). “BUNGER,” It cried. They snook out the barn and… NOM. Turns out Wambus Troubleham was awoken by the bungers yelp. But everyone knows not to mix bugsnax¬† together so now. POP. WAMBUS IS A SNAKSQUATCH! There were no telephones on the island so he couldn’t call for help. Everyone had woken by now and Wambus ran…

2 thoughts on “Snaksquatch”

  1. Wow, lots of imagination in your story, Oscar. I love the way you provide an explanation of a bunger and also the names you give your characters. They are really good to say our loud. I might have got a bit lost as to what was happening towards the end, but it was all very lively, and good use of the prompt words.

  2. HI janet.
    Thanks for this lovely comment.

    He ran because a snaxsquatch was this disgusting terrifying monster made out of bugsnax and didn’t want anyone seeing him.

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