Super-Froze saves the day

Once there was a super hero and her name is Super-froze, Her super power is to freeze villain, she can also stay under water for 7 hours at a time.

Super-froze is 16 years old and goes to super-high. All the student that go to this high school have super powers, they go to this to learn how to use them and to make them stronger.

Super-froze emery are called the black-cat and square-man. They can talk to animals.

One day at super high, Super Froze figured out what black cat and square man were up to. She had overheard them talking in the hall.  They were planning on getting all the animals from across the world to take over the village.

As soon as she had heard,  she went looking for them in the village and found them in the small circle trying to control all the animals. Super-froze quickly froze them and everything stopped and the village was back to normal.