That One Dog

I was eating my salad when I heard scratching  at the  door and I thought, ” what in the world is that?”  You see I was alone that night and was not expecting visitors .  While I was getting up, I was wobbling just like jelly.   My hand was shaking like crazy, but I grabbed onto the handle and the door creaked open.  There a dog stood on its back feet and said, ”Excuse me but do you happen to know which way to the shops?” it panted.  “Why are you panting?” I replied.”

One thought on “That One Dog”

  1. Faye,
    You have included word choices (wobbling like jelly) that lead me to believe the narrator is a bit worried-perhaps unsettled on this solo evening filled with mystery. I found it funny that the narrator thinks to ask why the dog is panting rather than why it needs directions to the shops. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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