The accident

Today  Sienna wanted to play  baseball, so she asked her mum, “Can I play baseball mum?”

” Yes, “shouted mum.  Sienna was so excited to go . When she got there,  she was speechless, “Wow this is a big stadium!” whispered Sienna. When the ball was coming, she it the ball as hard as she could. The coach wasn’t happy. “but  I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” said Sienna getting angry. The coach was impressed for her first lesson even though she nearly lost the ball… Sienna set off to home so happy .When she got home, her mum was really proud .

3 thoughts on “The accident”

  1. Hi Casper, I don’t know much about baseball but they play it not far from where I live. I’ve only managed to see it once and didn’t really understand what was happening. It did look exciting though. Like Sienna, I would have been very excited at hitting the ball hard. I like how your story included learning along with feeling proud of your achievements. Well done.

  2. Hello Evie, I must apologise, I mixed up your name and called you Casper. Sorry!

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