The big dragon part two

(Before reading this please read part one of this story before this one oh and this is a collaboration with timmy’s crazy car adventure2)


“Huh why’s the ground shaking?” said Emily slowly but quietly.

‘’EARTHQUAKE!’’ shouted Angela. Suddenly the ground Collapsed and they fell through the floor or should  I say dried out snow!?  Angela landed face first on the ground saying, ’’Owww that hurt.’’  And then sat up to see a boy on his feet shaking the snow off his shirt. Ignoring the boy, she saw a sign that said (warning abandoned underground mine DO NOT GO IN).  Then suddenly a dragon came flying down.  Then 3 hearts popped up around Emily. Then without thinking, the boy jumped onto the dragon. Then Angela shouted’, ’WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?!’

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.


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  1. Hello! I love how you used the challenge phrase. It works so well and really emphasises the drama of what is happening. You also provided lots of detail about the action that had happened in the lead up to this terrible position. Well done.

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