The box

I was lying on my couch watching tv when I heard a bang.  I went to check it out and saw a box. I hadn’t ordered anything, but decided I’d take it. I got my knife and got to work – there was a box inside a box.  The other one had chains –  oh goodness. I cut the chains and got ready to open it.  I just had to see what was inside. I opened it and was horrified to see some guns like an m16 and p90. I reported this to the police immediately, but they were clueless.

2 thoughts on “The box”

  1. Hi Oscar,
    Great writing in response to the prompt for this week. This was a very interesting story. In particular, I really liked the smooth flow of events and narrative, this made it very enjoyable to read, well done.

    Keep up the good work!
    Anna (Team 100WC, Edinburgh)

  2. Hello! What a surprise that would be to find such a strange box. I like how you started your story in such a relaxed way to create more interest in the box. You were able to continue the interest by having one box after another and making them difficult to open. I think it was a wise idea to take it to the police. Well done.

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