The boy and the huge crazy box of marmite

One day there was a boy called Will and he was not a healthy  boy.  He has a huge amount of sweets in his house.  One night, his mum brought a crazy huge  box of marmite  bottles. Then, he shouted in his mum face “why you bring the marmite”? She said “I am a healthy woman”. Take all your sweets and go to your room now!  “Fine I will go to my room” Will shouted. While he was leaving the room, he muttered  if I will be a healthy boy in the future  I will not eat the marmite . Suddenly, his dad  came back home. So if he knows about my behavior he will not give me my pocket money.    Will said to him self, Okay I will eat this thing then he went to his mum and he told her “I want a spoon of marmite to try.” Mum said, “I will bring the spoon.” He shouted, “oh my goodness! I like it. I want more.” Mum felt happy  now because Will was as healthy as her.