The Boy in Slytherin

For Christmas my mum got me a brand new book. So what will I write on this page though? There once was a boy that got put in Slytherin named Ben Eilish.  Ben was very popular and did lots of magical pranks.  I remember he even used a shock charm on teacher behind their back once! When Ben looked at his sticky minuscule calender and saw it was washing day, Ben grabbed his dirty clothes and his wand. He pointed his wand at the dirty clothes and shouted. CLEANUS! Poof! The clothes were instantly white. But how? It was now night and all children had gone to their dorms including Ben Eilish.

2 thoughts on “The Boy in Slytherin”

  1. Gee, what a great magic wand that would be; instant clean clothes. It would be good for the environment too, wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t have to use any water or power. I really liked how you created the word, “Cleanus” as it makes it really clear there is some magic happening. Well done.

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