The Boy Who Hated The World

One day a 10 year old boy hated the world.  Thankfully I love the planet so I look after it like a sick person.  Every day I saw him throwing plastic bottles and crisp wrappers everywhere!  So on Saturday evening, I said to him, “Stop throwing rubbish away.  If you keep doing that, the world might change forever!”

“But does it make any difference to me?  NO!”  the boy said, shouting as loud as thunder. The greedy boy, with chocolate all over his shirt, gave me a moody face and stormed off. The next day, I made a poster about saving the world.  I printed 50 of them and put them all over the city.  Suddenly, I saw everyone putting rubbish in the bin.  It was a miracle!

One thought on “The Boy Who Hated The World”

  1. Your story reminds me of a song written by a well known singer in Australia, Paul Kelly. It’s called “From little things, big things grow”. Although his song isn’t about the environment it does talk about how the action of one person made a huge difference. I really like how you have shown that you can take action in your own way. Well done.

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