the boy who made the rocket

Once there was a little boy  who loved the outer space.  He wanted to be a astronaut and  he always looked at the stars. His room looked like the out of space.   Then he  decided to make a rocket.  A week later it was made.  He decided at night to try and get into the rocket to make it take off.  But it did not take off so he tried and tried again.  But it did not work so he did  some repairs and he went to bed.  The next day he tried it again and he’d finally worked what to do.  After that long time, it worked and he went to outer space and became an astronaut.

One thought on “the boy who made the rocket”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Olivia. I liked that your text had a message of persisting, and problem solving. I must say I like characters to have a name so I can relate to him (but if you, as an author, made a conscious choice not to name your character, then I respect that choice.) I liked your use of a variety of sentence types to make your text interesting. I enjoyed reading your writing this week.😊

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