The bungee jump

One day there was a kid called Josh. It was his birthday and he had plans to go bungee jumping. As he was on his way, he had second thought then he said mum I think the cable will snap it doesn’t matter what you think does it your’e still doing it FINE! As they got to the top, the kids hearts were pumping at the speed of light. As he got ready to jump, he didn’t want to jump but he decided to do it so he jumped. When he jumped he realised it wasn’t that bad and in the end it all went fine.



One thought on “The bungee jump”

  1. Great story, I would love to know who this belongs to though!
    I love the metaphor used ‘hearts were pumping at the speed of light’ is superb!
    Remember to include speech marks when your characters are talking to each other. You have included speech between the mother and son in your text but no speech marks. Then he said ” insert speech marks” then mums reply “insert speech marks” then Josh’s final reply “FINE!”

    I like the exclamation mark used after FINE! Could you include punctuation anywhere else through the text? Read it out loud and you might just find some changes you would want to make for your next entry.

    Brilliant story writing, well done!

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