the cave

I was going on a walk, when I came across a cave.  I heard noises coming from the cave. I had to see what was inside,  but what if it was dangerous… I went closer to get a better look.  I saw something shiny, so I went inside and picked it up.  It was dark and I used a torch to see.  I took it out of the cave  to get a better look.  I brushed all the dust off – it looked like a chest.  The key was at the back of the cave,  so I went back in to get it. I tried it and it opened the chest. Inside the chest there were gold and  gems – we were rich.


One thought on “the cave”

  1. I can’t help but wonder, from where did the noises come? I would love to see more description of the chest and its contents! Great story – keep on rocking your writing!
    Ms. Garner
    Team 100

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