The chase

One beautiful sunny evening, Layla and her friends were on the outskirts of an abandoned town. This town has been abandoned for years it was hardly recognisable as a town it was full of derelict buildings. Layla heard lots of scary storyies about this town like there is this man who lives in the town who wears all black. His identity is anonymous. He thinks the town as his own and will do anything to keep it that way. Layla’s parents warned her to never go in that town. Layla’s friends started to walk in. Layla said, “That’s when I knew I should run.”

2 thoughts on “The chase”

  1. Summer,
    I like how you included such a strong character in Layla who decided to think about her parents and make a decision NOT to follow the friends who may have been making a bad choice. Your piece is suspenseful, but also may teach a lesson and deliver a message to your readers. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G. , Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi Summer,
    Well done on your great scene setting, the abandoned town, you gave great details, the derelict buildings, the story about the man who thinks he owns the place, I really didn’t like the sound of this place by the time you were finished describing it.
    I was so proud that you created Layla, a strong minded character who listened to her instincts and to her parents voices which told her to run and and not just to follow a crowd into trouble.
    Well done and keep writing.

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