The competition

One day there was a racing competition and there were 20 people and we all had different colours.  I was pink and everybody else picked something else. So the teacher told us to line up across the field and then they said to all of us, do not speak until I say u can speak!!!

teacher: 1.2.3….

…but then the orange one spoke….

teacher: WHO SPOKE!!!

me: orange😬😳

teacher: where are you orange!

orange: here next to red😣

teacher: right get here and stand next to me!!

orange: what! ugh okay🙄

teacher: right sorry about that ready 1.2.3 GO

* all the class starts running *

teacher: who’s gonna win who’s gonna win

* pink comes first *

teacher: pink won!

me: Yay!


One thought on “The competition”

  1. Bella,
    I love that you used the colors of the rainbow in a foot race for this week’s challenge. How clever! It seems like Orange was quite excited and couldn’t contain themselves at the start of the race. Later, when I learned Pink won, I was ‘tickled pink’. What a fun little tale. Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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