The Crashed Window

Hi, I live in a care home. My Mum is in jail and my Dad is travelling the world.

I am called Charlie and my best friend is Jody. One day I played in the field at the back of my house. Jody and I were playing cricket. Jody threw the ball and I closed my eyes and hit the blazing ball as hard as I could. CRASH!!!  The ball had hit the window. My care worker, called Ma-Li, rushed to see what happened. “Charlie what did you do?!  You will have to spend all your pocket money on replacing that window.”

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard…”

2 thoughts on “The Crashed Window”

  1. Hi, Freya I really liked your story it was great. I liked the bit when Jody swung the ball and you heard a big crash.

    1. Hi, Jodi. Thanks for saying my story was good.
      My story is actually based on a series called the Dumping Ground. Have you ever watched it?

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