The creepy Box

A boy was playing on his bike in the woods when he saw a dark scary house. Just then the boy had a great idea. He asked his friend to come to the muddy woods but this house was very old and maybe they would be killed. At night the two boys went to the muddy, dangerous and deep woods. The boys went in and there were a lot of mice and horrible human bones. The two scared boys saw a box. The weird boy said, “I want to see what’s inside.”  But the unlucky boy put his shaking  hand in the box. Then an odd witch grabbed his hand and ate him, like a lion. The lucky boy ran as fast as he could to his home.

One thought on “The creepy Box”

  1. Hi Mohammad – great job with your story!

    Your descriptions and use of adjectives is brilliant. I like, for example, the line ‘the muddy, dangerous and deep woods’ because this uses what we call the rule of three. Three powerful adjectives put together make for a more compelling story. Moreover, your use of similes (such as “like a lion”) enlivens the scene you are trying to create. Keep on using all these techniques to pull the reader into your story and the world you are creating.

    Great work – keep on writing!

    Team100 WC
    Guernsey, Channel Islands.

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