The creepy house


One day there was a little girl called Lola. When she was 5 years old, she came across a backpack. It was very heavy and black so she looked in it and there were keys and an address so of course she went to find the place. It was her birthday again and she was 11, when she found this house.  It looked old and dirty so she opened the door and it looked normal until she went up the the spiral staircase.  She wanted to see if it was damaged so she jumped, but landed on a banana peel then she was never to be seen again…





2 thoughts on “The creepy house”

  1. This certainly is a creepy story! So many mysteries in it. The back pack with the keys, and the house that looked normal until Lola went up the spiral staircase. There is a good sense of suspense in your story and you manage to get all the prompt words in to it very well indeed.

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