The creepy man

Elliott and Evie went outside to play.  They saw a someone taking photos of a iron shaped lid – it was very weird but they ignored it and went to meet up with their friends and play spin the bottle.  As they were playing, an old man approached the little group. When the he approached, he said ‘What are you children doing outside by yourself?’

‘We’re just playing ‘ said the group.

‘Well you keep safe little kiddos and watch out for the iron shaped lid, ‘said the old man.

Elliott and Evie went home to eat and once they finished, they went to out play games.

One thought on “The creepy man”

  1. Well, I was expecting something horrible to happen at the end of your story, Evie, but it didn’t! There is plenty of menace in your story, though. Especially when the old man warns your two characters about the iron shaped lid. I like the way you contrast something very ordinary, playing spin the bottle, with something very unusual, the iron shaped lid.

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