the cupcake eagle part 1

Once I was eating a waffle when a giant portal opened below my chair! “Huh that’s weird” . When I got through the portal, the first thing I saw was a giant cupcake eagle. “Hey where did my waffle go!” I shouted.  All of a sudden, a tiny waffle dog with a bite out of it on its tail came through the portal. “Hey, is THAT my waffle?” I asked.

” Yep,” replied waffle  dog.

“Do you want to ride a cupcake eagle?” asked the dog.

“Sure !” I shouted.

When we found a cupcake eagle, we got on it but it wouldn’t take off! “Try feeding it  a waffle!” said the dog. So I fed it a waffle and it took off to the cheese forest.




One thought on “the cupcake eagle part 1”

  1. Hi Imogen,
    This is a very creative and imaginative story. You have done a great job with the prompt. I really like your crazy, mad-cap tale! I can see it as a cartoon on television.
    Great work this week.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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