the cupcake eagle part 2

When the eagle landed, I heard a strange rumbling heading towards us, “Hey, what’s that?”I asked.   Then all of a sudden, a watermelon elephant came out of nowhere and almost crushed  waffle dog! ” WHAT WAS THAT!!!”  I screamed.

” Where did it go?” asked the eagle.

” Hey look there’s a cheese dolphin over there,” said the waffle dog .

“But were did the elephant go?” the eagle shouted.

“That dolphin is suspicous,” I  said .

“Well I already got enough information from my spy, waffle dog!” screamed the dolphin!

“Now I can take over thanks to that dog”

“I knew that dolphin was suspicous!” I said .


One thought on “the cupcake eagle part 2”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Imogen. I love the food inspired names of the animal characters. You had me using my imagination to visualise the story. I still wonder what made you suspicious of the dolphin? Your writing gave me lots to ponder. 😊

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