The deafening screams of the night

I was racing through the woods at high speed, I knew that if I looked back it might cost me my life. The high pitched screams were getting quieter when suddenly a branch tripped me up. I banged my head. The pain was excruciating but I had to go on so I picked myself up and ran. I heard a frog like croak, my foot sank into mud, I was at the swamp. I spotted the shack I lived in 10 years before, I knew I would be safe. As I approached, the door was locked from the inside. Then just as a hand grabbed me, I heard the same deafening screams echo through the night.         

2 thoughts on “The deafening screams of the night”

  1. Hello, what a great story; so much detail and great language choices. I really liked how you were running away from the screams (indicated by saying the screams were getting quieter). Using words such as excruciating really engages the reader. I particularly like your sentence starting with, “I heard a frog…”. You encouraged the reader to use their hearing sentences to get a visual image; just great. Then just as we thought all was well you created a twist and turn the story on its heard. Well done.

    1. Hello there,
      Thanks for the comments – it was great wasn’t it. I am not sure who wrote this yet! They are supposed to add their names at the bottom and/or on the title, which I delete when I publish them. Hence the name LR1…

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