The Disagreement

One cold dull day a smart but silly boy and his annoying sister woke up in Africa. “Where are we?” Jack asked.

“Africa,”Asia replied. The siblings searched for a way home. Three days later someone came to take them home. Jack didn’t want to go home but Asia did.”YAY,” Asia screamed. “I’m going home to my mummy.”

Jack however was having a really big bad  paddy. “I’m not leaving,” he said madly. Asia blinked then turned around. Jack wasn’t there.

“Jack where are you,”Asia shouted,”come on now. It doesn’t matter what you want does it. You don’t have a choice but to come home Jack.”

One thought on “The Disagreement”

  1. Great story writing! I would love to know who the story belongs to!

    You have started off straight away with some superb verbs to describe to weather and the characters we meet. Great use of speech and speech marks correctly throughout the text so really well done with that! Good use of synonyms too!

    In the last paragraph of the story, “Jack, where are you” should have a question mark if Asia is asking where Jack has gone to. You could try this again in the future for your superb blog stories.

    Keep up your hard work! 🙂

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