The Disappearance

One dark rainy night, two children named Mimi (who was 9) and James (who was 9). Went exploring and came across a large forest. James without hesitation started to walk in. Suddenly he started sprinting. Mimi shouted “JAMES WAIT”. So she started sprinting towards him. But James had disappeared. Suddenly someone or something pulled Mimi’s hair. She was terrified. Mimi screamed as loud as she could “AHHHH!”. She quickly turned around, but no one was there. Terrified she continued looking for James. We disappeared into the night.

2 thoughts on “The Disappearance”

  1. Hi Summer,
    You created a very tense atmosphere in your story. Well done. James is a very spontaneous character!
    Keep writing.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Great writing! You have used some fantastic description and verbs throughout your text. I like the use of ‘sprinting’ instead of just running. This story has great suspense, I would like to read more about whether they meet up again or are lost on their own forever…

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