The escape room

It was my 18th  birthday and I went to an escape room with my friends. All off a sudden, darkness enveloped the room. We couldn’t see anything so we started to feel for clues. Eventually, we managed to turn the lights on. There were bloody hand prints on the walls.  We were all really scared. When we started to look around, we found a flash light in a vase so we turned the lights off and used the flash light to see if there was a message on the wall that had something to do with the hand prints. We stood shaking of fear…

One thought on “The escape room”

  1. What an amazing and well-written entry!! Your use of punctuation is outstanding and your spelling is very impressive. I’ve always wanted to go to an escape room, you have inspired me to book one! Great cliff hanger too, I wish I knew what the blood spelt out on the wall. Keep up the good work 🙂

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