The Fall

One day there was a group of four children. Their names were Daisy, Hazel, George and Alexander.They were out on a picnic halfway up a mountain called Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for the summer holidays.
While they were eating, George said, ” After we have finished eating we should climb right to the very top of this mountain.
” WOW what a brilliant idea,” said Daisy and Hazel in sync.
” Did you know that this mountain is 5,895 metres tall?” exclaimed Alexander with a sarcastic tone so he could mimic what his sister would sound like. When they reached the top of the mountain, George said, “Let’s play tag!” So they played tag. Then there was a deafening scream. They all rushed over to the edge of the mountain. There was Alexander hanging on by two hands.
“Hold on!” shouted Hazel.
“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.
Then he fell…