The Friendless Flamingo

Hi… umm, I’m Felix the friendless flamingo. I don’t have any friends and so, heh… I’M FRIENDLESS, AHHHH!!! Okay, don’t panic it’s not that bad, I’m just quite bored these days. One day I was walking around and I thought “I’m thirsty!” so I went to my FAVOURITE watering hole right by the hippo pond. It is really fresh water there BUT STOP … and then I saw it, ANOTHER FLAMINGO! She was grooming herself in the shining, roaring sun. Her feathers were gleaming pinkly as she was shaking to dry off after her swim. I think I was in love!

One thought on “The Friendless Flamingo”

  1. Hi Caitlin, I really like your relaxed storytelling style here. I was caught right at the start by your opening and hooked right to the end and what an end! We all love a good love story and instant love like this is great. Well done.

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