The ghostly person with the yellow bike

One day there was a girl called Rose. She was really bored and had nothing to do so then Rose thought…Why don’t I go for a walk near the forest? Once Rose got near the forest she saw a guy on a yellow bike, his face was very scary he  looked like this 👉 brown clothes, messy hair, brown ripped shoes, a brown silky hat and  also had muddy hands 🤮. He looked at Rose in a weird way and Rose was trying not to look.  The guy turned around and crossed the road to where Rose was so then Rose got even more scared. But then…. a guy in a black car was speeding way to fast that he ran the guy over on the yellow bike and his bike went flying into the tree  and the man fell off his bike really hard and… died😧.

One thought on “The ghostly person with the yellow bike”

  1. Wow… I was worried where the story was going, but didn’t see that coming… then again, neither did the guy on the bike.

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