The Giant Narwhal

One day I was walking along the road with my friends, when I saw a giant pillar. Me and my friends went over there to check it out, but as we got closer, it started to not look like a pillar… it was coming from the ocean. We started to feel a bit worried.  Suddenly, water flew everywhere, and out emerged…. A NARWHAL!?.  This narwhal was like no other narwhal. It was massive! We couldn’t believe our eyes, but we weren’t scared, we figured out the narwhal was friendly. The narwhal went back to its home as we waved to it.

One thought on “The Giant Narwhal”

  1. Well that was unexpected! I imagine that the narwhal would have to stand on its end so that its long tusk would not get broken or stuck in the tower. I like your use of ellipsis in your writing, although when reading about it I see that it should be just dot dot dot – three dots.
    All the best with your writing Eleanor.
    Ms M #100WC

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