The guilty conscience

One afternoon, two siblings named Jess and Jay needed some milk from the shops. He saw a video game that was £10.00. Jay went into his pocket and found out that he didn’t have his wallet so he couldn’t pay for it.”Jess I don’t have my wallet on me can u get me this video game for £10.00?” he said.
“NO get your own money!”she replied.
“Oh come on please!”he shouted.
“How many more times do I have to say NO!”she said.
So he said, “But should I really do this?”
“Do whatever I don’t care,”she said sarcastically.  So he slipped it into his jacket. But then he felt guilty.

One thought on “The guilty conscience”

  1. Oh, that is an interesting twist at the end! You have used great speech and helped us create the scenario between the pair and what they were doing. I would like to know what happens next to Jay, does he get caught? Is there a punishment? All good stories have the audience asking questions at the end so well done! 🙂

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