The hole in the forest mushroom

Before 8’O clock, Lucas woke up in  his car. His parents and his sister staring straight at him in the eyes.                                                                                                          “Where are we going?”he asked.                                                                                                “Fairy land!” exclaimed his younger sister.                                                                      “No no no dear we are going to The  Forest Mushroom.                                            They drove and drove. They arrived at The  Forest Mushroom.  When they got out their car, Lucas and Ava ran around the mushroom until they came up to a hole in it. They ran in.                                                                                                   “Wow”, they both said.                                                                                                              They then fell far far down…                                                                                        “AHH” They screamed.

They disappeared into the night, but in a new world



























































One thought on “The hole in the forest mushroom”

  1. Well done on a great story! You started off well setting the scene describing the time of day and jumping straight in with characters, this can sometimes be tricky but you did this really well. I like the use of speech from the characters, you have written this out clearly so we know who is talking when. Good job! 🙂

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