The hole

Once upon a time I was walking on a path that went to a weird forest. Then I found a hole with a little bit of light shining through. It looked scary but I had to see what was inside… It was a creepy cave with lots of tunnels going left and right. The light was being made by a campfire with a bit of wood left. There were some skeleton skulls on the floor and some little candles on some stone shelves. I went into a tunnel and saw a HUGE rock with a lot of leaves covering it. There was a skeleton on the rock under the leaf blanket. So then I went back to the other room and went into the next tunnel… There was a lot of plants everywhere. There was water on the floor the room was a mess plants were growing everywhere. But there were lots of vines covering another tunnel and I couldn’t get through. I tried and tried and tried but I couldn’t get in. But then I saw a pair of scissors covered with plants so I picked them up and cut the vines and opened up a new tunnel. But it was just an empty room but then I noticed something there was a stone ladder and I knew why. In the plant room I noticed a little hatch just out of my reach so I used the ladder to get up. there was a chest full of lots of weird pennies each with a different picture on it. But in the room with a leaf blanket I saw a slot with a picture above it of a leaf so I put in the leaf pennie and I was teleported back to my house.