The Jungle

Once there was a raccoon, his name was Simon. He wanted to be like a bird because he thought it would be fun to look at the sky and the leaves in the trees. One day there was an explorer, Simon the raccoon didn’t know that the explorer was going to catch him, Simon walked over to him and then he nearly got caught! Surprising the explorer found him, the raccoon was running and running but the explorer didn’t stop until he got tired and sat in his camping chair. But then shortly after he had rested, unexpectedly the explorer caught him his box…

One thought on “The Jungle”

  1. Poor old Simon, getting caught by the explorer in the end!
    I can imagine how he might have wanted to be like a bird, as birds also have less chance of getting caught by explorers because they can fly away.
    I enjoyed your story.
    Thank you!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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