the key part 2

I was flying on my bagel dragon when I saw a strange castle covered in leaves. I landed the bagel dragon to go look at the castle.  Then all of a sudden a white and red panda with a marshmallow gun came out of the castle, “attack!!!” shouted the panda  as he started rolling down the hill.  I made a bagel wall to stop him. Just after that,  a piano cat came, ” WHY IS THERE A CAT PLAYING A PIANO!!!!!!!!” I shouted. Next a giant gummy bear came out of the castle.  “I am the gummy king,” shouted the giant gummy bear.

One thought on “the key part 2”

  1. I love how imaginative this story is! What’s a bagel dragon? I really enjoyed the introduction of each unique character. Don’t forget to capitalize the next letter after the use of punctuation.

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