The kidnapper in the alley way

Today Oscar, Evie and Skye went out at night, which is a risky time.  All the girls went out  partying.  There are loads of girls and loads of boys who do they this every night.  The club doesn’t end  until 12 o’clock. All there was is partying . Skye was getting tired so they walked back home with one of their friends called Sienna.  Then they  went through an alley way where there was a strange man in all black. Evie got scared but the other boys and girls protected her.  They eventually they got home…

One thought on “The kidnapper in the alley way”

  1. I like the way you explain why your characters are out at night, Evie. I also like the way you contrast the fun they are having with what happens later, when they get scared. The way you describe how her friends protected Evie is very reassuring.

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