The Killing Angel

It was 7.30am and time to get ready for an exciting day at school…we were going on a school trip!! I arrived at school to find nobody there, so I decided to wait. Suddenly, as if I was in a dream this mysterious angel walked up to me with what seemed to be a butterfly in its hand. Then for no reason I blacked out. I awoke to see nothing but a whole room stained with blood and flesh looking outlines. Just as I had finished looking at the walls I heard footsteps coming from a distant corridor, they were faint but they were there. And then I saw it…a heap of bodies, at once I knew this person was on a killing spree…I had to try and escape.

2 thoughts on “The Killing Angel”

  1. Wow… that story took a scary twist, although with the title I knew something was coming. I don’t usually read scary stories but I really want to know was it an angel or a person… and where were they going on the school trip?

    1. Thankyou for the comment James. Scary stories are the ones I like to do best and I like having the freedom to write what I want. The school trip wasn’t something I had decided about, it was just a base for the start of my story. I left the ending open so the reader could be left thinking was it a person or an angel just like you did.

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