The Little Mix Surprise

The other week Nadia and Skye went to this Little Mix concert and they loved it. A week later, their sister Sienna had a little surprise.  When Sienna left the house, THE GIRLS GASPED nervously because the Little Mix girls came and they got to spend the week together .THE GIRLS SCREAMED really loud.  SKYE PAST OUT just because she got surprised. Next the Little Mix girls ate some cabbage and found a grey round cannon but they didn’t know it was cannon as it was so small.  Then blast it went off – ‘BANG’.  Sienna woke up SURPRISED!

One thought on “The Little Mix Surprise”

  1. Kia ora Evie. Well done. What a great 100 Word Challenge! I love the ending – when the reader discovers that it’s all a dream. Keep up the wonderful writing Evie.

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