The massive work trip

Ella woke up in her little cottage and got up a brushed her teeth and went to her new job.  She did not know  where it was, so she got lost in a desert.  She got out her car a started walking and scraped her leg on a prickly cactus.   Then she fell over a violin, an old violin.   She got up and picked it up and tried to make a song.  It went like this ‘once upon a time there was an angel’. I’m not gonna finish the whole song cos its really big sorry.  Anyway, Ella went back to her car and tried to find her way back home and she did the end.

2 thoughts on “The massive work trip”

  1. Hello! I really like how you started your story. Life was just normal and ordinary and then you took us into the drama with a few twists and turns. I thought the choice of the song was really appropriate too, considering how lost Ella was. I think the angel must have helped her find her way home. Well done.

  2. Good attempt to incorporate all the prompts, with a good story line.
    Hope the girl found another job for herself.

    Keep on improving with your writing skills.


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