the medium box

One night I woke up and all I heard outside was a van with a medium box and they put in my GARDEN!!!!!! I was like HEY GET THAT OUT OF MY GARDEN PEOPLE! I really really wanted to open it, but I didn’t know what was gonna be in it.  It didn’t have anything on it, so I thought it was safe to open,  so I opened it and I didn’t believe my eyes……….. inside it were diamondsnecklaces  and bracelets  and they were so so so so so shiny. I loved them so I hid them in my house because they were just too pretty and shiny.  Well I mean they were nobody’s anyway they gave it to me… but if the box was a bit smaller.  

One thought on “the medium box”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Bella. I would like a box of jewellery to be delivered to my garden! Remember your writing is more interesting for your reader if you don’t repeat words in the same sentence (unless it is a carefully chosen author’s device). Too many ‘and’s, and ‘it’s makes it hard for your reader to understand your text. A good strategy is to read your writing aloud so you can hear how your writing will sound to your reader. 😊

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