The mystery man that saved my life

Hi my name is Byron and today after a horrifying day at school, I ran to my bag as fast as I could getting it off my moody mum. I put my roller skates on and said bye to my mum.  She was stuttering trying to say come home where are you going or something like that. I set off and was going super fast until I bashed into a man.  He was speechless!  I crashed on the floor badly in terrible pain.  My body was howling in agony. The man rushed me to the hospital after he swam though a pond to get across to me and wrapped me in a  tiny yellow T shirt.

3 thoughts on “The mystery man that saved my life”

  1. Hi, Annie! I like how Your story is kind of realistic fiction because it could actually happen in real life.And it reminds me of when I have a bad day. I love how your story flowed well and made a lot of sense. Have a great Day from Reese in illinios.

  2. Goodness, the day went from bad to worse. I think he should have taken time to listen to his mum. You did well in including all this action in your story. It certainly gave me a real sense of how bad the day was.

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