The Naughty Homeless Man

Once there was a homeless man who wanted to be very wealthy so one day he ran down a rocky endless pavement. Then he saw somebody with a beautiful diamond watch. He thought he could steal it so he sneaked into the bushes and waited to steal the posh man’s watch. Then when he tried to steal the glorious watch, several police men grabbed hold of him and took him to a rusty old prison. The homeless man was forced to go in the dirty cell which had not been cleaned for centuries. The homeless man learnt stealing gets you nowhere but prison…

One thought on “The Naughty Homeless Man”

  1. There is some excellent description in your story, Casper. I particularly like ‘a beautiful diamond watch’ and ‘a rusty old prison.’ I also like the way your story has a very definite beginning ‘Once there was a homeless man…’ and a very definite conclusion, especially one that makes a strong moral point at the end.

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